Take the best recipes, organic and sourced from local farmers, mix them up with love, passion, attention for details, and a peaceful friendly place. This is Cinamon Village, a family run business where you can feel at home. Here we focus on quality, that's why we buy our food only from local suppliers that we trust! most of our food it's organic farmed. Our Menu offers a broad variety of panini, omelettes, sandwitches, English breakfast, Turkish specialities, delicious salads, vegan and vegetarian dishes, quality coffe, and much more. Our name "Cinamon Village" speaks about our vision. Our Cafe it's not just a Cafe, but a place where you can rest, a place where you can take time for yourself,  from the fast pacing life of London, maybe drinking at a good cup of cooffe or while you work on your laptop using our wifi connection, reading a book, or having a nice chat with your friends. Our cafe it's a family, and our greatest achievement is when our customers become our friends and part of our community!